Sponsored Training for Volunteers

To all Club Secretaries:
League Sponsorship Funds
The League Management Committee (LMC) in the past has supported Clubs by providing some free training sessions for Child Welfare Officers (Safeguarding and Protecting Children). This is all part of some of the usage of League Sponsorship funds. Other ideas for the equitable downloading of more of this money are currently being developed and further positive news will be forthcoming in the months ahead. In the meantime, consideration is currently being given to providing some further courses this year.................
  • perhaps more Child Welfare Courses,
  • perhaps Emergency First Aid Courses
  • perhaps Groundswork Courses
Janet King, last years League President and now LMC Sponsorship Director, would like to hear from Clubs about their training needs.
If you have any personnel at your club who needs or would benefit from the above training to enhance your club infrastructure, please contact Janet King.....

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