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13th May 15

To all Club Secretaries


Dear everyone

As you will be aware, this league is now reliant upon all clubs and all teams completing the result of each game and the linked scorecards via the Play-Cricket facility. This is the first season whereby the result is not rung through to a person and the so called green results sheets have been erased to remove duplication of process.

  • Without ALL results being submitted by 10am on the Sunday following the game, league tables cannot be produced
  • Without accurate completion and submission of ALL scorecards within 48 hours of the game, averages, statistics and player registration issues cannot be properly completed.

So far this season, the vast majority of clubs and their teams are doing the right thing and the above issues are going fine. However, there are some clubs whereby problems are being created.

In some cases, results are not being posted to Play-Cricket until late Sunday afternoon or sometimes into Sunday evening. Please accept that we are all volunteers in the recreational game. People have volunteered to give up their Sunday morning to collate all results, produce a report for the press and the statistician, so that accurate league tables can be produced. This takes until lunch time on Sundays if all results are in.

It is unacceptable that these volunteers have their Sunday afternoon and evening disrupted, due to a few clubs or teams not updating the result in a timely fashion and have to be ‘chased up’ to do what they should have done by 10am.

Penalties for failing to submit the result by 10 am are at the discretion of the LMC. They have decided that for consistency and to allow the process to work properly:

*      Any team / club who fail to submit the result of the game in accordance with league rules on to Play-Cricket by 10am the following Sunday will have 1 point reduced from their Divisional total.

So far, most clubs are doing an excellent job with their scorecards, but there are a few who are creating problems with either late or inaccurate submission within 48 hours of the game. As you can imagine, to go through each scorecard for every game after a Saturday round of matches in all Divisions is an onerous task. To have to follow up clubs who have not completed them and ask them to do what they should have done in the first place, adds an unnecessary burden.

Once again the penalty for failing to properly complete a scorecard is at the discretion of the LMC and they have decided that the Statistician will remind all clubs of whatever the error is on the scorecard and ask that it be corrected and finalised by a certain date. If the scorecard was completed wrongly and there has been no respond to the reminder:

*      Where the mistakes or omissions are deemed of a minor nature – 1 point deduction for the team who has responsibility for the submission of the scorecard.

*      Where the mistakes or omissions are deemed of a serious nature – 3 point deduction for the team who has responsibility for the submission of the scorecard.

*      Where the scorecard has not been submitted at all – a 5 point deduction for the team who has responsibility for the submission of the scorecard.

I have therefore been asked by the LMC to remind all clubs of the importance of match day administration and the need for the names of players to be recorded and known before teams leave the ground at the end of the game. If necessary ask the umpires for the player cards and the details thereon.

It is therefore important that all teams play their part in the smooth running of the league and don’t let other people down by making it impossible to produce league tables, check player registrations, and provide recognition of individual achievements and end of year averages.

The LMC very much hope that they will not have to impose any of these sanctions, but feel that the league cannot run without a quality results service, which cannot be achieved without clubs having efficient arrangements in place to record what happened during every game and submitting that information in the normal way via the Play-Cricket website.

This process is now in its third year and should not be a surprise or an unknown quantity for any BDCL club to manage.

Would all Club Secretaries please pass on this important information to the relevant people at all clubs as quickly as possible, as this process will begin this coming Saturday the 16th May 15.

Thank you for your help with this.

Gary France

League Secretary

For and on behalf of the LMC of the BDCL

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