League wins an OSCA

The Bassetlaw League has been awarded an OSCA (Outstanding Service to Cricket Award) by Nottinghamshire in the "Leagues" section of the annual OSCA awards, which lead to an entry into the national competition with presentations at Lords.

The award is primarily in recognition of the League's forward-thinking survey which asks clubs pertinent questions about how the future of the game should look, including - amongst others - how many teams should be in each division, the number of overs per side, should we allow Sunday games, and whether to have different overs per bowler. This survey was compiled in the light of an ECB National Survey which asked all players around the country questions about what they like and dislike about the way the game is played at the moment.

Needless to say the League Management Committee is very proud of this award, which underlines the status and respect held for the B&DCL in and around the the county, and we hope that all clubs will respond to the survey and help the LMC to formulate changes to the League and its rules for presentation at the AGM.

Once again, all players are asked to read the survey and make their thoughts known to their club Secretary so that we get a comprehensive view of what changes, if any, are needed to help keep Bassetlaw cricket strong and growing. It's your league, guys, so have a say in how it should develop.

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