Committee Meeting September 2017


Date:                Tuesday 12th sept 17

Time:                7pm

Location:          Central Avenue, Worksop


People Present: Stef Roberts (President), Gareth Jones (Chairman), Gary France (Secretary), Tom Munro (Treasurer), Malcolm Daniels, Trevor Haywood, Michael Cuthbert, John Leaning, John Lyne, Richard Martin, David Parnham, Graham Venables, Michael Carlisle, Ian Batty, Glenn Pym and Jack Tarr

Apologies: Michael Beard, Malcolm Hall, Brian Hicklin, Andrew Rosington, Richard Swann, Alan Vollans, Gary Bardhill

The Minutes of the previous meeting had previously been circulated and were accepted as a true and accurate record.




The Secretary confirmed that a letter requesting financial support from the Premier League in relation to the cost of First Aid Training and developing initial umpire training had been submitted for consideration.

DECISION: The BDCL awaited a reply in due course.




A letter from an umpire Derek Brumpton outlined some confusion about his attendance at a BDCL game in Gainsborough.

DECISION: The umpires travelling expenses for the day would be provided by the league.



A game between Anston CC III v Rockware on Sat 2nd Sept 17 had been raised by Rockware CC, whereby it was alleged that a player for Anston III was ineligible to play in the game due to Rule 5.3.

DECISION: This was confirmed by the LMC and in keeping with other outcomes of a similar nature throughout the season, both teams would receive 10 points each as the outcome of the game, which Anston III had originally won.



A letter from Blyth CC, described a game due to be played in Div 7 between themselves and Clipstone II.

Blyth had prepared teas for the game on the understanding in previous e mails that the game was to go ahead. Clipston II were eventually unable to raise a team to fulfil the game and cancelled the match at 11.30am (1pm start). The request from Blyth was for Clipstone to pay them £33 for the cost of the food.

DECISION: Clipstone should pay Blyth £33. The League Treasurer to co-ordinate payment.



A Newsletter from the NCB Ltd, explained the criteria concerning the roles at cricket clubs which required a safeguarding DBS check, along with OSCA nomination information and coach information.

DECISION: This had previously been circulated to all clubs and LMC members. The issues for Child Protection and CRB checks for relevant club positions was a matter for the LMC to emphasise and publish in good time before the start of the 2018 season.


Positions were:

  • Safeguarding recruiter
  • Coach
  • Coach Support worker
  • Club Welfare Officer
  • Juniors/Colts manager
  • Team Manager
  • Junior supervisor
  • Captain/Vice Captain of each club team
  • First Aid responder
  • Physiotherapist
  • Volunteer co-ordinator – children



The league had been informed of the changes for 2018, regarding Clipstone CC and their 2nd Xl, along with Bilsthorpe CC. Effectively neither would continue in their current status.

Consequently the request to the league had been made by both clubs to merge for season 2018 to become:Clipstone-Bilsthorpe Cricket Club

All ‘new club’ games in 2018 were to be played at the cricket ground in Clipstone, no more cricket at the old Bilsthorpe ground, with the former Bilsthorpe players predominantly formulating the new Clipstone- Bilsthorpe CC 2nd Xl. The request was made for the league to agree this change, with the former Clisptone CC 1st Xl remaining in their current Ch Division and the new Clipstone-Bilsthorpe 2nd Xl playing in the Division appropriate to where the old Bilsthorpe CC’s earned status was, at the end of the 2017 season.

DECISION: The proposal was agreed by the LMC




The Treasurer update the meeting about income versus expenditure.

The league balance was now:    £7995.52

Concern was expressed about declining sponsorship uptake and existing support being eroded. Additionally, a new distributer for Reader cricket balls throughout the league would be required for season 2018, due to the closure of the Mapperley Sports shop in Nottingham.

DECISION: A review of the league financial situation, including Reader cricket ball distribution and sponsorship support would be undertaken during the winter months




The League Statistician updated the meeting regarding these issues with the full up to date list published via the league tables on a weekly basis and will be updated on the end of the season in Divisional tables.

DECISION: For information at this time





There were no umpire’s issues at this meeting and the full list of late or non-submission of umpires assessments were recorded each week and reflected in the league tables

DECISION: For information at this time.


6. SEASON 2018


A lengthy and emotive discussion continued regarding the loss of teams and clubs from the league. Additionally in 2017, many games were played with less than 11 players at all levels of the league. The LMC discussed many reasons and potential solutions along with the outcome of the views of 165 players which had been returned from a written survey completed by the league president on behalf of the LMC.

Some people believed that by changing quite a number of the league rules and playing conditions that the retention and recruitment of new/former players at clubs would improve and make a positive impact, on what is currently a deteriorating situation, something mirrored by many other cricket leagues across the country.

DECISION: A special meeting of the LMC would be held on Wednesday 27th Sept 17 starting at 7pm to discuss matters further and agree any changes for submission to the league AGM in November, for clubs to vote upon in the usual democratic way.




A league disciplinary hearing was in the process of being planned regarding the behaviour of a player from Edwinstowe CC in a cricket match in this league on Sat 9th Sept 17.

DECISION: The October meeting would be updated further.


The remainder of the meeting discussed provisional plans for:

  • Presentation Night at South Forest, Edwinstowe – Saturday 18th Nov 17
  • AGM at Cuckney CC – Sun 26th November 17


There was no other business and the meeting closed at 9.25pm

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