Committee Meeting September 2016


Date:                13th Sept 16

Time:                7pm

Location:          Central Avenue, Worksop



People Present: Gareth Jones (Chairman), Gary France (Secretary), Tom Munro (Treasurer), Gary Bardill, Ian Batty, Malcolm Daniels, Trevor Haywood, Brian Hicklin, Janet King, John Leaning, John Lyne, Richard Martin, David Parnham, Glenn Pym, Andrew Rossington, Richard Swann

Apologies: Michael Beard (President), Michael Carlisle, Malcolm Hall, Brian Rivington, Stef Roberts, Jack Tarr, Graham Venables and Alan Vollans.

The Minutes of the previous meeting had previously been circulated and were accepted as a true and accurate record.




The recent withdrawal from the league of Firbeck CC  and Clipstone II had resulted in both being fined the sum of £55 in accordance with league rules.

DECISION: The Treasurer updated the meeting that the fine from Clipstone had been received.




The Secretary read an e mail to the meeting from Red Rock Partnership Ltd. Due to recent developments, it would no longer be possible for this company to sponsor the Championship or any aspect of the BDCL, beyond season 2016.

DECISION: The notification and circumstances surrounding this decision were both accepted with disappointment. Arrangements were made for the support of the Company to the BDCL this season to be acknowledged and thanked by letter. A new sponsor was therefore sought for season 2017.



The game on the 27th August 16, Blyth v South Normanton had been played with South Normanton playing an ineligible player, who was currently registered with Clay Cross in a Derbyshire League. The correct identity of the player was not recorded on the Team Card provided to the the umpire at the start of the game, with other issues regarding identity disclosed on the Play-Cricket Scorecard for this game.

DECISION: The meeting re-affirmed the decision of the Referral Committee that in keeping with the current league rules, Blyth would receive 20 points for this game, South Normanton zero points, along with a £10 fine.



The Secretary read a letter to the committee as an example of the feelings and some clubs and their players when let down by various teams not fulfilling fixtures, resulting in prolonged periods (when linked to rained off matches and gaps due to teams leaving the league) whereby no cricket was played and the negative affects upon young players.

DECISION: The letter was noted and the content taken into consideration for planning season 2017.




The Treasurer provided an up to date balance sheet to the meeting, which highlighted a substantial sum of money downloaded to clubs in terms of the supply of junior cricket balls, the supply of pink cricket balls for use in T20 games and supporting junior cricket through the sponsorship arrangements within the league. Additionally, handbooks free of charge, with particularly low league memberships for all clubs, the LMC were keen to ensure that future support to all BDCL clubs would continue and that plans to at least continue this level of support where possible, should continue.

Also, the Treasurer had received a request for additional financial support to the Bassetlaw & District Junior League in the sum of £200 to help support junior cricket as a means of developing young players and providing them with their first stepping stone into the game.

Currently, the BDCL balance sheet stood at £6,919.39

DECISION: This sum was agreed for transfer to the Junior League and the content of the Treasurer’s report was duly noted and thanked.




The full and up to date record of points deducted for late umpire’s assessments, unfulfilled fixtures (along with fines) and late results were discussed by the Secretary and the full list of teams doing so throughout the season to date, were recorded within the publication of the league tables by the League Statistician for all to see.

DECISION: Noted and for information only.




Gary Bardill as Secretary of the BDUA spoke about:

  • The administration and processes involved with Umpire Assessments
  • The potential for a Fair Play Award in future seasons, organised by the BDUA
  • Reviews of umpire expenses and time lapses between reviews, with links to the PL and SNL.

DECISION: For information only




The league secretary spoke of over 40 games not being fulfilled this season due to teams having a lack of players, a high volume of games played by teams consisting of 8, 9 or 10 players only and a high volume of either teams or clubs pulling out of the league. It was agreed that these on-going developments were not positive for anyone concerned with the game. A discussion occurred about the options available to the LMC to at least stop the slide and where possible and to develop rules or processes, which may help to improve the situation regarding:


  • Cost of actually playing the game
  • Time taken to play the game (Start times and number of overs)
  • Update or simplify certain league rules
  • Consult with all clubs about the arrangements for season 2017


DECISION: The League Secretary would write to all clubs about various issues affecting the league at the end of the season and ask for their support and thoughts. Additionally, the LMC would hold an extra meeting on Tuesday 20th Sept 16, to discuss various issues and review if any relevant changes could be made. The LMC would NOT enter into any debate about the provision of teas within the league after the first innings of games and felt that this was something to be decided firstly by club proposition, debate and voting by league clubs themselves at the league AGM should this ever be felt necessary.


7. MALLEN T20 CRICKET – 2017


Concerns had previously been expressed about the suitability of T20 cricket on Tuesday evenings in geographical zones in the current format. Whilst the LMC were keen to retain T20  cricket as a part of the league, the participation and willingness of clubs to play this style of cricket would always be required if the competition continued.

Other options in terms of the arrangements for a T20 competitions on a divisional basis was also discussed.

DECISION: Also within the end of season Newsletter to all clubs, the issues surrounding T20 cricket within the league and potential options available to clubs would be included, with feedback and preferences, requested.




Richard Martin spoke of the brief details from a recent PL meeting and reported that a new Secretary would be required in due course for the PL, along with future arrangements for a potential meeting of various leagues around the county with the Nottinghamshire Cricket Board.

DECISION: For information only.




The meeting briefly discussed the above two events and internal arrangements for both, along with the return of league trophies, the changes this year to the dates of both events and the actual awards on the night of the Presentation Evening.


  • Presentation Night at South Forest, Edwinstowe – Saturday 19th November 16
  • League AGM at Cuckney CC – Saturday 26th November 16, start 2.30pm

DECISION: For information only, both dates to be included within the end of season Newsletter.


There was no other business and the meeting closed at 9pm

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