Committee Meeting May 2016


Date:                10th May 16

Time:                7pm

Location:          Central Avenue, Worksop


People Present: Gareth Jones (Chair), Gary France (Secretary)

Gary Bardill (BDUA Sec), Malcolm Daniels, Malcolm Hall, Trevor Haywood, John Lyne, Richard Martin, David Parnham, Glenn Pym, Stef Roberts, Andrew Rossington, Richard Swann, Jack Tarr, Graham Venables and Allan Vollans

Apologies: Michael Beard (President), Tom Munro (Treasurer),Michael Carlisle, Ian Batty, Brian Hicklin, Janet King, John Leaning and Brian Rivington

The Minutes of the previous meeting had previously been circulated and were accepted as a true and accurate record.




Tom Munro had reported that all club annual subscriptions to the league and the relevant cricket boards had now been paid.

DECISION: No further action required




A letter from Woodsetts Community CC outlined player availability problems from the beginning of the 2016 season and the likelihood of little improvement. A request was made from the club to withdraw its 2nd Xl in Div  6 but maintain its 3rd Xl in Div 8.

DECISION: The meeting debated and researched the facts from the scorecards posted on Play-Cricket and from that debate decided that Woodsetts Community CC would at their request lose one of their three teams, but it would be their third Xl in Div 8, with their 2nd Xl in Div 6 and 1st Xl in Div 3 remaining.



A letter from the NCB PL had been circulated to all Club Secretaries with teams in the Championship, to explain the criteria for acceptance to the PL should that promotion be offered from playing results at the end of the season. Additional information had been circulated regarding the updated and amended requirements for Clubmark accreditation.

DECISION: No further action and for information only at this time.



The LMC were asked to make a decision about the outcome of a game, MHM III v Wiseton II on the first date of the season at Kingsway Park, which had been cancelled by MHM due to the ground being unfit and unsafe due to damage to the pitch created by a recent football match. The LMC were in possession of letters from both the home club and an Officer from Ashfield District Council, confirming the background to the incident and the fact that the Council were the owner / executive of the ground and had decided that the ground was unfit for cricket to be played in safely on this one occasion.

DECISION: Each team would be awarded 6 points each – ground unfit.



The meeting agreed an annual honorarium of £100 to Samuel Stringfellow for his work on behalf of the LMC in compiling the results every Sunday morning, beginning from season 2015.

DECISION: As agreed



Following on from the game on the 23rd April 16 between Ordsall Bridon II v Kiveton PCCC in Div 1, it transpired that a player for Kiveton PCCC who should have been registered as a player in Category C of the registration rules, had not been registered at all to play in the BDCL, his registration not being received and authorised until the 27th April 16.

DECISION: 20 points to Ordsall Bridon CC and Kiveton PCCC would be fined £10 in keeping with stated league rules.



The LMC were now in possession of 12 ‘SPECIAL IMPERIAL COUNTY’ Championship cricket balls which had been donated by Readers the league suppliers of cricket balls to trial during one Championship game this summer, as they were regarded as being of a higher grade ball to that of the Sovereign, currently being used across all Championship games.

DECISION: At the June meeting, the LMC would decide which Championship fixtures in July would host the use of these new balls by every Championship team playing on one particular Saturday, with a request for feedback about this grade of ball being sought from both teams and umpires. All twelve teams would be supplied with one ball each for use on the designated day, once the date was decided.




In the absence of the Treasurer, the Secretary informed the meeting that the current league financial balance stood at £11,281.17, which was healthy but certain expenditure was anticipated regarding sponsorship download to support junior cricket teams across the district with the supply of sufficient cricket balls to avoid this cost being left to clubs and also certain pink T20 cricket balls were to be distributed to those clubs taking part in the Mallen T20 this year.

DECISION: For information at this point. More detailed costings regarding cricket ball costings to clubs and junior teams from ‘the sponsorship pot’ were anticipated at the June meeting.



The meeting also discussed a range of options about the use of further sponsorship monies for the benefit of league clubs. A proposal towards supporting junior cricket, young players, coaching and introducing them to the game via their local club with a link to schools was debated in full, along with other ideas.

DECISION: Further use of more sponsorship money would be reviewed, once the full cost of cricket ball (youth and pink T20) had been fully identified and accounted for, after which a more informed decision could be made about the remaining amount available, once the Treasurer had completed his report for the next meeting.




One disciplinary matter was currently being investigated in relation to a game in Div 1 on Saturday 7th May 16, with the umpire’s reports having only just been received.

DECISION: A review of the evidence and related matters had been referred to the Disciplinary Chairman of the League and was on-going. A further update would be provided to the LMC at their June meeting.



A list of various games from the start of the season were listed by both the League Secretary and the League Statistician as being unfulfilled due to various teams being unable to raise a team.

This list was maintained and updated each week by both people and published on a weekly basis on the league tables by the League Statistician, with the penalty for failing to fulfil a fixture being in keeping with league rules:

  • 10 points reduction from Divisional total
  • £10 fine
  • Full 20 points to the opposition

DECISION: The LMC would be informed each month regarding offending teams and of the outcome. The Secretary and Statistician would maintain the records each week and they would be published in the league tables on a weekly basis.




The meeting was informed of all teams who had either not submitted the above or had submitted them late so far, to the date of this meeting.

On those relevant occasions, the LMC had made the decision that the offending team would have 1 point deducted from its Divisional total, and the League Secretary would inform all clubs before the next game of this outcome.

DECISION: The League Secretary would keep a record on a weekly basis of any offending teams regarding the above three issues as notified by the teams dealing with all three matters, be authorised by the LMC to deduction 1 point, and should inform both the club secretary and the league statistician of this outcome before the next round of fixtures, which would keep accurate league tables available for viewing.




Gary Bardill spoke of the on-going umpire assessments which were being completed by most teams in the Ch and Div 1 to a good standard.

Recent updates and amendments to the laws of the game about weather and light, inclusive of ‘thunder and lightning in the vicinity of a cricket field/ground’ were now very relevant and all umpires would be reminded of the content of the changes.

DECISION: For information only




A recent meeting a sub-committee of the LMC had met at Edwinstowe CC to discuss the future of the league dinner, its value, its format, its date, its cost and its links with the AGM and the appointment of the League President each year. The following issues were discussed:

  1. The potential for the event to be held in November, in the same year as the actual season it celebrates, providing enough time to formulate statistics and end of season Divisional winners (team and individual)
  2. It was felt important to create awards for individual players (batting and bowling on the basis of each Division) and not amalgamating two Divisions together as had previously been the case. This would require the re-naming or branding of the individual awards.
  3. Sit down meal to be retained rather than buffet
  4. The change over of the President should be at the League AGM, not the dinner
  5. A guest speaker should be sought each year from Trent Bridge
  6. Cups should be retained for Divisional team winners but a migration to an ‘AWARDS’ ethos for individuals and the presentation of league caps for those individual winners
  7. Greater self publicity of the event through photographs and an article on the league website
  8. The intention of the LMC to keep the cost of the event to clubs to a minimum should always be a priority


DECISION: Many other things were discussed and the planning of the event is still ongoing. However, from season 2016 (current season) certain dates will change from those traditionally adhered to in the League Handbook.

  • The League Dinner Presentation Night will be on Saturday 19th November 16 at The South Forest, Edwinstowe
  • The League AGM will be on Saturday 26th November 16 at Cuckney CC, inclusive of the President change over for season 2017.


There was no other business and the meeting closed at 9.10pm

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