Committee Meeting March 2017


Date:                14th March 17

Time:                7pm

Location:          Central Avenue Worksop


People Present: Stephanie Roberts (President), Malcolm Daniels (Chairman), Gary France (Secretary), Tom Munro (Treasurer), Michael Carlisle, Gary Bardill, Ian Batty, Malcolm Hall,, Trevor Haywood,, Brian Hicklin, Michael Cuthbert, John Leaning, John Lyning, Richard Martin, Andrew Rossington, Richard Martin and Alan Vollans.

Apologies: Gareth Jones, David Parnham, Glenn Pym, Jack Tarr, Graham Venables, Janet King (Co-Opt) and Michael Beard.


The Minutes of the previous meeting had previously been circulated and were accepted as a true and accurate record.




Tom Munro updates the meeting about the new sponsorship agreement with IM Sports of Sheffield to sponsor the Championship Division.

DECISION: For information only. The details and artwork of all sponsors to be included and updated on the League Website. The League Secretary to discuss updates to the league website and league email addresses with the website manager.



Due to the removal of the annual fixture of the Champion of Champions at the end of the season, the option from 2018 onwards of no planned fixtures in any Division on a Bank Holiday is now a possisbility, with all games in all Divisions having the potential to end on the same weekend in September.

DECISION: The Championship from season 2018, would have no planned BH fixtures (in keeping with all other Divisions) and the BDCL season for all teams/clubs would end on the same date in September.



The meeting discussed financial support to various options from sponsorship income.

One aspect related to Child Protection at all clubs and the training required by Club Safeguarding Officers.

DECISION: The BDCL should obtain the details of every Club Safeguarding Officers DBS number, when it expires and any training requirements needed in the future. From that point further work may be needed by working with the Nottinghamshire Cricket Board to provide these training updates. The League CWO, Alan Vollans agreed to complete this work.



A new set of rules for the 2017 Mallen T20 are currently being prepared to include any potential wet weather conditions.

DECISION: Once complete, these rules would be sent to all relevant participating clubs and umpires, well in advance of the cup competition dates.



A meeting arranged by the NCB Ltd of all five Nottinghamshire Leagues, has been changed from the 21st March 17 to potentially be on the 29th March 17.

DECISION: For information at this time.




The BDCL had received confirmation from the NCB Ltd that their Academy Team would not continue to play in Premier League beyond the 2017 season.

DECISION: For information only, with clear implications for promotion and relegation issues to and from the PL at the end of the 2017 season.



Following discussions with representatives of Retford CC during February 17….

DECISION:  In agreement with the club, following a review of their current circumstances, they would only have one team for season 2017 in the BDCL, with that one team playing in Div 3. The Championship Division would therefore only have 11 participating teams this coming season.



Information from the NCB Ltd stated that there would be two roadshows provided by the board in the coming weeks:


  • 8th March 17 at Trent Bridge
  • 22nd March 17 at Welbeck CC 6.30pm


Additionally, current vacancies for roles and officers on the NCB Ltd were currently being advertised on their website.

DECISION: For information only




The treasurer produced an up to date expenses sheet, showing income and expenditure up the the date of the meeting which included subscription collected on behalf of the NCB Ltd. The league balance to date was £11,956.52




The BDUA Secretary Gary Bardill updated the meeting:


  • Current training course for new umpires at Level One having been on-going through out the winter which has seen new umpires materialise for the BDCL
  • Umpire assessments linked to observer courses later in the month
  • New laws within the game having an impact for season 2018. These would be communicated towards the end of the 2017 season.
  • Monthly meeting held by the BDUA during the winter months at Cuckney CC

DECISION: For information at this time.




Richard Martin summarised his attendance at recent Premier League and League Cricket Conference (LCC) meetings. The LCC meeting at Nantwich discussed various matters with ECB representatives, inclusive of the future role of the LCC in the national recreational cricket structure.

DECISION: For information only


6. AOB


Stef Roberts informed the meeting of the role out of the ‘All Stars’ program and its objective of promoting junior cricket, through advertisements, in schools and on television. Further information would be made available to all BDCL clubs.

Additional information was provided about changes and developments for scorers using laptops and the ability to download / upload to Play-Cricket, along with the changes inclusive of software and App usage for season 2017. It was clear that significant changes were occurring.

DECISION: For information at this time.


There was no other business and the meeting closed at 9pm.

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