Committee Meeting June 2017


Date:                Tuesday 14th June 17

Time:                7pm

Location:          Central Avenue, Worksop


People Present: Stef Roberts (President), Gareth Jones (Chairman), Gary France (Secretary), Tom Munro (Treasurer), Gary Bardill (BDUA), Ian Batty, Malcolm Daniels, Malcolm Hall, Brian Hicklin, Mick Cuthbert, John Leaning, John Lyne, Richard Martin, David Parnham, Andrew Rossington, Jack Tarr, Graham Venables and Allan Vollans.

Apologies: Michael Carlisle, Trevor Haywood, Glenn Pym, Richard Swann and Michael Beard


The Minutes of the previous meeting had previously been circulated and were accepted as a true and accurate record.




Allan Vollans, as League Welfare Officer updated the meeting on progress to establish any issues in the Club Welfare Officer arrangements regarding DBS checks. Further needs to establish training requirements for this role were to be discussed at a later time. The meeting also discussed the need for a brief document to remind all clubs what the expectations of the role actually are.

DECISION: The July meeting would be updated further on progress.



The Secretary confirmed that the rules for the new Mallen T20 Cup had been circulated to both the umpires and the clubs taking part, along with guidance on the format and structure of the day. Tom Munro also confirmed the arrangements for the distribution of pink cricket balls to all clubs for the first round matches on the 25th July 17, with further games on finals day one week later also being provided with pink cricket balls.

DECISION: For information at this time.




Concerns had been raised by Worksop CC regarding wet weather rules, travelling long distances to away games in such conditions and the general communication between clubs on such days.

DECISION: The club concerns had already received a reply from the league secretary. Clubs were encouraged to try wherever possible to play the game, but there were occasions when it was obvious due to substantial poor weather that the game could be called off early. It was all a matter of common sense and fair judgement.



Concerns had been reported by the umpires in a game on the 27th May regarding the bowling action of a bowler in their game surrounding a ‘throwing action’ as opposed to a ‘bowling action’.

DECISION: The League Secretary had contacted the club concerned, outlined the current ECB policy on such issues, with guidance and support available to all concerned in the event of any further reports.



Killamarsh CC had reported a ‘non-compliance’ with the wet weather rules in a recent game in Div 1 by the umpires, regarding time and the last hour of play, along with other questions regarding the game.

DECISION: The outcome of that particular game will remain in place as originally recorded. The issues regarding the umpires and the wet weather rules and regulations had been referred to the Umpires Association for their consideration and discussions with the umpires concerned.



The league was in receipt of a report that in the game Anston III v Grassmoor II (10th June 17), the eligibility of players under rule 5.3 on page 60 of the current league handbook had apparently been contravened. Grassmoor had their 1st Xl game cancelled on the 10th June 17. Subsequently, two of their players who had only played for their 1st Xl all season were then selected to play in their 2nd Xl in the above match, having a significant impact upon the outcome of the game. Originally, the outcome of the game was Grassmoor II (20 points) and Anston III (2 points

DECISION: Research via Play-Cricket scorecards revealed that this rule had been contravened and the Grassmoor II team had been artificially inflated by the playing of two of their Div 1 players, who otherwise would have played in the 1st Xl had the game not been called off that day.

OUTCOME: Grassmoor II would lose 10 points and Anston III would gain 8 points. Each team receiving 10 points from the outcome of the game. Both teams would be informed.




The Treasurer published the latest league accounts, taking into account recent income and expenditure, with the current league balance showing £11,237.20

Further work would be needed after the current 2017 season to confirm and establish new potential sponsorship support of the Divisions, if the current level of league financial contributions and discounts to league clubs could continue. This would be an important specific close season project for the whole LMC.

DECISION: For information at this time.




A Disciplinary Hearing had been arranged to be heard on Tuesday 20th June 17, regarding the conduct of a player in a Championship game on the 3rd June 17.

DECISION: The outcome of this hearing would be updated at the July LMC meeting. The Chairman of the League Disciplinary Team also outlined the important need for umpires (where a decision has been reached by the umpires to refer a player to the league disciplinary process) to inform both the player and team captain before they leave the ground at the end of play, that the player or players will be reported for a disciplinary offence to the league and in keeping with league rules and guidance, the content of any incident should be kept purely to the facts of what had happened and written/documented on the official league disciplinary report form, submitted to the League Secretary within the timescales stipulated. Wherever possible this report should be submitted electronically.



The League Secretary confirmed to the meeting the list of clubs or teams who had been unable to fulfil a fixture since the last meeting from the current on-going updated list, with their opponents receiving 20 points and the team concerned losing 10 points and the club being fined £10. League tables reflected these issues.

DECISION: For information at this time.



The League Secretary updated the meeting on the list of clubs/teams who had not submitted match day results by the deadline of 10am Sunday morning after the Saturday game, to the date of the meeting.

DECISION: In keeping with league rules, 1 point is deducted from the relevant team’s total in the respective Division and the club informed.

In relation to scorecards, the meeting discussed many issues about accuracy and how things could be improved. Following a report from David Parnham concerning some matches on the 6th and 13th May involving similar teams or clubs, there appeared to be a clash between player registration names, Play-Cricket database competencies or knowledge, linked to accurate completion of the scorecards, which needed more research to establish the facts, create a further debate about those issues and a decision made to establish an outcome.

DECISION: The League Secretary would establish the facts and report to the July meeting.




The League Secretary updated the meeting on any team in the Ch or Div 1 who had failed or was late to submit an umpire’s assessment since the start of the season. Also, the future of umpires training courses would be completed ‘on-line’.

DECISION: For information and in keeping with league rules, 1 point would be deducted from that teams total and the club informed


There were no reports of any other meetings.


6. AOB


The meeting debated the content of the match day team cards submitted to umpires at the start of each game. Therefore, the names of all players participating in the game were known from the outset of the game. Oddly, when many scorecards are submitted after the game, the identity of some players, often in both teams, was sometimes shown as either unknown or unsure when linked to Play-Cricket registrations.

DECISION: In the close season the LMC would research what happens in other leagues and compare against best practice to try and improve the situation with scorecards, team cards and match day administration to make things easier, simpler and most importantly, MORE ACCURATE.



The President spoke about scoring throughout the league, various initiatives which were taking place, including encouraging children and/or families to score through updated electronic options.


For information only


There was no other business and the meeting closed at 9.35pm

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