Committee Meeting July 2017


Date:                Tuesday 11th July 17

Time:                7pm

Location:          Central Avenue Worksop


People Present: Gareth Jones ( Chair) Gary France (Secretary), Tom Munro (Treasurer), Gary Bardill, Ian Batty, Michael Beard, Malcolm Daniels, Malcolm Hall, Trevor Haywood, Brian Hicklin, Michael Cuthbert, John Leaning, John Lyne, Richard Martin, David Parnham, Andrew Rossington, Richard Swann, Jack Tarr and Alan Vollans


Apologies: Stef Roberts, Michael Carlisle, Glenn Pym and Graham Venables


The Minutes of the previous meeting had previously been circulated and were accepted as a true and accurate record.




The meeting further discussed the need for up to date records regarding Club CWO’s, and later their training requirements.

DECISION: This is an ongoing task to be continued from this point onwards and throughout the winter in readiness for the new season.



The meeting reviewed the new Mallen T20 tournament. It was regarded as a general success, with the format being regarded as good by those taking part. The meeting discussed the current T20 rules and the arrangements for payment of umpires expenses at the group stages and later on finals day the following week.

The meeting also discussed the fact that MHM played two ineligible players in the group stages during their matches with Clumber Park CC and Whitwell CC.

DECISION: The rule regarding payment of umpires expenses to be amended, to clubs paying at the group stages and the league paying on finals day.

Also the League Secretary was asked to write to MHM asking for an explanation as to why two ineligible players were chosen and allowed to play by the club. In accordance with league T20 rules, the club would be fined £100 (£25 per player in two games). The club had already been expelled from the tournament, in keeping with league rules.

Additionally, the League would fund the obtaining of a new MOTM (Harold Pope Trophy), which had been lost a few seasons ago.

The League Treasurer, would update and apply the umpire’s expenses across the tournament for 2017 in keeping with the current T20 rules.



The meeting discussed three fixtures, whereby information given to the umpires at the start of each game, differed in terms of spelling and name orientation to those players appearing on the scorecards. A full and detailed research had occurred and the relevant clubs consulted and advised by both the player registrar and the league secretary, with a request for scorecard accuracy to be improved.

DECISION: In general terms the accuracy of scorecards each week and not just in the above examples was a growing concern. More research and detail was needed to identify specific issues at various clubs. The LMC would also need to research the need to create a better system for the names of all players entered onto Team Cards given to umpires at the start of each game to be replicated onto the Scorecards for completion at the end of the game. An example of a process occurring within the Derbyshire County League would be reviewed, with a view to improving the situation from season 2018.




Information received from Thoresby Park CC outlined two players in their match versus North Wheatley with Leverton II in their Div 4 game on the 17th June 17, whereby those players had only played for NWL 1st X1 during the current season. On this particular date, NWL 1st Xl did not have a fixtures and therefore Rule 5.3(iv) had been contravened by NWL. The Secretary informed the meeting of the content of a detailed letter from the Chairman of NWL CC, explaining what had happened and the position of their club.

DECISION: The meeting discussed all the facts surrounding this game and the original natural result and the contributions of the two ineligible players to the game, plus the letter from the club Chairman.

In keeping with previous decisions surrounding similar circumstances this season, both clubs would be allocated 10 points from the game. Both clubs to be updated by the league secretary.



The availability of a cricket ground at Creswell CC in Creswell village had been offered to nearby clubs for use in the future via Creswell Parish Council.

DECISION: The offer had been placed on the league website and all local surrounding clubs informed.



An e mail had been received from Mansfield CC, requesting that Mansfield II be allowed to resign from the league and therefore Div 3. Their next game following their request would have been on the 8th July 17, against Retford CC. The reason given, was simply being unable to fulfil their fixtures with sufficient players to play at that level of cricket, although they wished to retain their 3rd Xl in Div 7, as it was outlined that those players in their lowest team, were not suited to and had declined to play at the Div 3 standard for safety reasons.

DECISION: Retford CC would be informed and the records for Mansfield II in Div 3 expunged. The club would be fined in keeping with league rules.



The League Treasurer circulated a leaflet to the meeting, outlining income versus expenditure between the dates of the 13th June and the 14th July 17, detailing fines, sponsorship, annual dinner expenses, awards & trophies, NCB affiliation fees, T20 umpire’s expenses and general expenses.


For information only at this time. The league financial balance would be updated at the August meeting on the 15th




A disciplinary meeting had been convened for the 20th June 17, to hear allegations made regarding the conduct of a player in a Championship game on the 3rd June 17. The player explained his side of the story and the umpire gave his account of what had happened.

DECISION: The allegation was not proved, due to a lack of corroborative evidence.

The meeting also took the opportunity to discuss a number of emailed correspondence regarding this issue and also the current and future processes involving disciplinary hearings, the informing of the BDUA of the outcome and general communication issues.



Further reports from umpires outlined allegations of players potentially breaching the League Disciplinary Codes of Conduct on the 24th June 17 and 1st July respectively, with arrangements having been made for two disciplinary hearings to be heard on the 18th July 17 and the 25th July 17 respectively.

DECISION: For information only.



A further hand written letter on note paper was handed to the league secretary at the the LMC meeting (11th July)  from an umpire regarding the game Shirebrook v Mansfield Hosiery Mills III on the 1st July, which outlined evidence whereby under normal circumstances the conduct of a player for MHM III would have resulted in a disciplinary hearing being called.

Due to the letter being out of time and not recorded on the correct official report form, the reporting process had been breached and therefore the league disciplinary actions could not be implemented.

DECISION: The content of the letter outlining the allegations of what had allegedly occurred was serious, despite the breach of reporting process. The league secretary was asked to contact MHM CC, inform them of the information, with a copy of the umpire’s letter and ask the club to conduct their own enquiries and to consider dealing with the facts when known from an internal club perspective. The league secretary should then be updated concerning what enquiries and action the club had taken.

The BDUA were also asked to inform the umpire concerned, of the correct way to report similar incidents and offer guidance and support for the future.




All games affected by any of the headings at Item 5 were read to the meeting from a list compiled on a weekly basis, informing all clubs where appropriate of the sanctions of either points lost or a fine imposed. This information was updated each time the league tables were produced to create an accurate record for distribution as the season progresses.

DECISION: For information only




The meeting was updated on new laws to the game which would affect the league from season 2018. Additionally, a new system for training new umpires ‘on-line’ was to be introduced.

DECISION: More detail surrounding these changes would be circulated to all concerned during the close season.


7. AOB


The league secretary informed the meeting of various matters affecting the future of the league from season 2018.

DECISION: Confirmation and further discussions would take place at the August meeting.


There was no other business and the meeting closed at 9.35pm

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