Committee Meeting July 2016


Date:                Tuesday 19th July 16

Time:                7pm

Location:          Central Avenue, Worksop


People Present: Michael Beard (President), Gary France Secretary), Tom Munro (Treasurer)

Ian Batty, Malcolm Hall, Brian Hicklin, John Leaning, John Lyne, Richard Martin, David Parnham, Glenn Pym, Stef Roberts, Andrew Rossington, Richard Swann, Graham Venables and Allan Vollans

Apologies: Gareth Jones, Michael Carlisle, Gary Bardill, Malcolm Daniels, Trevor Haywood, Brian Rivington and Jack Tarr.


The Minutes of the previous meeting had previously been circulated and were accepted as a true and accurate record.




Arrangements were made for the distribution and use of the Reader Special Imperial County cricket balls during all matches in the Championship on Saturday 30th July 16.

DECISION: All clubs to be contacted about the arrangement, along with the umpires. BRIEF feedback was requested to the League Secretary.



The meeting reviewed the facts relating to the game Milton III v Thurcroft following further information supplied by Thurcroft. Whilst there were various text messages sent during the morning leading up to the game, the LMC were satisfied that Thurcroft failed to fulfil the fixture and told Milton III before the cut off time within the rules.

REVIEWED DECISION: Milton 20 points, Thurcroft reduced by 10 points and a £10 fine. Thurcroft CC should also be advised regarding the use of text messages to cancel the game and should speak to someone in future circumstances. Thurcroft CC would now not be required to pay for teas.



The meeting was updated regarding the two T20 finals:

  • Mallen T20 at Retford – winners Anston CC
  • Mapperley Sport T20 Final – Anston CC versus Attenborough CC (The SNL team won the game)
  • Later in the meeting some suggestions would be discussed regarding the future of T20 cricket across the League and what could be done to improve, update and make the game easier to fulfil, other than play on Tuesday evenings.

DECISION: For information at this stage.





The LMC were asked to review the registration of players, participating in the game, Wiseton II v Thurcroft on the 25th June 16, regarding the potential for some them not being registered to play.

DECISION: Following a lengthy investigation, it transpired that all players were correctly registered and that no further action was necessary



The LMC were asked to review the circumstances of the game South Normanton v Cuckney III which had been due to be played on Sat 2nd July 16. South Normanton had called the game off due to wet weather conditions.

Cuckey III had not accepted the cancelation, wished the game to go ahead and wished to travel to the ground for the umpires to make their decisions about play being possible or not. South Normanton did not attend the fixture.

The appointed umpire inspected the ground and his decision was that the ground was fit for play to start at the appointed time of 1.30pm and provided a detailed report with photographs for the LMC’s information.

DECISION: South Normanton CC had failed to fulfil the fixture.

In keeping with league rules:

  • Cuckney 20 points
  • South Normanton CC to be reduced by 10 points and also received a £10 fine.



The game Retford v Glapwell in the Championship on the 9th July 16, could not be start on time due to a water logged pitch. Despite various levels of intervention and work to try and dry out the ground, no play took place regarding this fixture.

Glapwell had provided a report to the LMC asking for support with expenses towards travelling and being asked to pay for teas as they felt that the game should have been called off prior to travelling.

Both umpires in attendance that day were asked for their report and summary of what happened upon their arrival at the ground.

DECISION: Both teams would remain allocated 6 points each. No further action would be taken by the LMC, with no contribution from the league regarding travelling expenses.



The LMC were asked to review the game Misterton v Aston Hall III which had been played on the 25th June 16. On the team card provided to the umpire at the beginning of the team, three of the eleven players on the Aston Hall card were not registered play, but this was not known to the umpire at the time.

A number of days later (2/7/16) those three players were registered by the club, after three different players were recorded on the Aston Hall scorecard on Play-Cricket who were registered with the club who did not play in the game.

DECISION: Taking into account an explanation from Aston Hall, in accordance with league rules, the club would be fined £10 for each unregistered player (total of £30) and the full 20 match points would be awarded to Misterton CC



The League Treasurer provided an up to date balance sheet outlining league finances created from the balance between expenditure and income. As the league approached the September end of the financial year balance sheet, and certain expenses incurred by officers of the league, the league balance currently showed £7,262.30, with additional income anticipated towards the end of the season from various sponsorship agreements. Further anticipated expenditure earlier than in other years, was due to the league dinner/presentation night being brought forward to November in the same year as the season it represented, rather than the following March.

DECISION: For information at this time.




From a game played on Saturday 11th June 16, Thoresby Colliery CC v Retford CC, a player from Thoresby Colliery CC was required to attended a disciplinary hearing of the league, regarding an alleged breach of the Codes of Conduct of the league regarding its disciplinary regulations.

The outcome and therefore DECISION of the hearing was that the allegations provided by evidence were proven, with all reports, letter of apology and accounts taken into consideration, regarding the players action, which did not occur during the actual playing of the game, but many hours after all players had left the ground.

The player would be suspended from playing all forms of the game for 4 weeks from the 9th July to the 5th August 16, with a further two week suspension imposed (suspended until the very end of the 2017 season)



From a game played on Saturday 18th June 16, Lea & Roses CCV v Mansfield, a player from Mansfield CC was required to attend a disciplinary hearing of the league, regarding an alleged breach of the Codes of Conduct of the league regarding its disciplinary regulations.

The outcome and therefore DECISION of the hearing was that the allegations provided by evidence were proven, with all reports and accounts taken into consideration.

The player would be suspended from playing all forms of the game for 2 weeks (9th to the 22nd July).

A further suspended period of 2 weeks was imposed until the end of the 2016 season.

Mansfield CC would be reduced by 4 points

The Disciplinary Panel had already take account of a detailed letter of apology sent by the player.



The League Secretary explained the circumstances of an incident which had occurred during a match involving a player from Worksop CC in the Championship game on the 25th June 16, regarding an element of dissent shown to an umpire.

DECISION: From the umpire’s report and consultation with the Disciplinary Chairman, the player concerned and the incident was dealt with and closed through the Accumulated Offence procedure, within the disciplinary regulations of the league.





The League Secretary explained that all league rules were imposed upon any teams breaching the above headings on a weekly basis and were informed before their next game of any fines or points reductions imposed. The full up to date details of these matters are reflected in the weekly league tables produced by the League Statistician, with fines documented and sent to clubs by the League Treasurer.

DECISION: For information at this time, as all actions to the the date of this meeting had already been completed.




John Leaning provided a brief report for information, about BDUA issues:

  • A new Chairman would be sought from October 16 to succeed Brian Rivington who was not seeking re-election
  • An update on the reducing number of active umpires was also provided
  • Changes regarding the training of umpires and the arrangements for doing so, with further updates to follow.




The meeting considered a variety of issues for season 2017, including the:

  • Format of the Mallen T20 in future seasons
  • Last hour of play – wet weather rule in relation to runs required
  • Player registration rules
  • Social media policy for the league and a recommendation for a Code of Practice for clubs to adopt
  • The requirement for a temporary League Secretary throughout parts of August

DECISION: Janet King would fill the post of Temporary League Secretary. The other issues needed further discussion, a plan and an agreement for any AGM of the league to consider.




Richard Martin spoke of various meetings of the NCB Ltd, potential thoughts and considerations for change of structure and participating personnel throughout the County.

DECISION: Further updates would follow in the weeks ahead.


There was no other business and the meeting closed at 9.40pm

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