Committee Meeting January 2018


Minutes of the LMC Meeting held on

Tuesday 9 January 2018


Worksop CC, Central Avenue

Start time

19:00 hrs

Closure time

21:10 hrs

1. Apologies for absence

A Rossington, J Lyne


The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming Mr Peter Rice to the LMC.




The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 14 November were accepted as a true and accurate record of proceedings.




3.1       The status of the newly formed Cavaliers & Carrington CC is now confirmed; and their third eleven will compete in the BDCL championship division.


3.2       It was noted that there are now two vacancies on the League Management Committee, created by the recent retirement of Ian Batty and Glen Pym. If any league club has any personnel who wish to join the LMC then please contact the league secretary in the first instance.




4.1       League Accounts. The treasure presented the latest accounts for the league.  It was noted that a few payments from clubs for annual dinner tickets are still awaited. The treasurer reported that current league funds stand at £8140.72


4.2       The treasurer informed the LMC that the league will continue to bank with Yorkshire Bank.


4.3       Reimbursement of fines to clubs affected by fixture cancellations. League Rule 2.5 was amended at the November 2017 AGM; to the effect that the £10.00 fine levied against teams not fulfilling fixtures due to insufficient playing resources will now be paid to the ‘offended club’, as opposed to the league.


            Therefore, to minimise both administration and bank transactions, the reimbursement will be made via an appropriate reduction in league subscriptions for the following season to affected clubs.




5.1       J Leaning spoke of difficulties in accessing the new on-line system to register as a DBS verifier; he has now completed this process with assistance from ECB ACO.


            However, he still has concerns regarding instructions for on line verifiers; and also obtaining DBS certification for a number of umpires who have no internet access.


            Appropriate representation regarding these concerns is to be made to the County Welfare Officer and Josh Scully at the Nottinghamshire Cricket Board.


5.2       The league secretary reported good feedback from clubs with respect to CWO details and training course attendance details. This information will be tabulated and forwarded to A Vollans when all returns have been received.


5.3       A Vollans stated that if there is sufficient demand then the league will organise further local ‘Safe Hands’ and SPC courses. It was noted that the Yorkshire Cricket Board are organising courses in the Rotherham area if these are convenient to anyone, further details are available on the YCB website.




6.1       An e-mail had been received from Whitwell CC regarding the clarity of presentation of proposed rule changes at the 2017 Annual General Meeting.


            The content of the e-mail has been considered by the LMC, and it was agreed that the discussions and decisions made at the AGM cannot be revoked.


            It was noted that there were a significant number of changes proposed with wide ranging implications; which were complicated by sub-division of the rules. Therefore, in future each proposed rule change will be split into every relevant sub section to ensure clarity of presentation.


            J Tarr suggested that the when significant numbers of rule changes are proposed, a ‘pre-AGM’ meeting is held to discuss the proposals and other relevant matters in advance of the AGM. This will allow an opportunity to drill down the proposals and change requests, and ensure clubs have clarity on matters being tabled at the AGM. This idea is to be further discussed at forthcoming LMC meetings.


6.2       Retford CC Second Eleven. Correspondence has been received from Retford CC requesting that their re-formed second eleven be placed in Division 4 for the forthcoming season.


            This matter was debated at length by the LMC; the debate centred on the domino effect on the divisions below, and fixture alignment. Following discussions, the LMC took a vote on this matter, and the unanimous decision was that Retford CC II will be allocated a place in Division 7 for the 2018 season.


            The league secretary undertook to communicate the decision to Retford CC as soon as possible, prior to the imminent release of the first draft fixtures for the forthcoming season.




            The following internal appointments were discussed and agreed upon:


League Vice Chairman

Malcolm Daniels

Disciplinary Committee

Graham Venables (Chairman)

Malcolm Hall (Vice Chairman)

Referral Committee

Malcolm Daniels, Neil Fenwick

Gareth Jones, John Leaning

Tom Munro, Jack Tarr

Graham Venables

(Note – flexibility here to appoint substitutes as necessary in the event of absence or conflict of interest)

League Trophies

Trevor Haywood

Scorecard Checkers

Brian Hicklin, Richard Martin, David Parnham,

Andrew Rossington

Results Co-ordinator

Sam Stringfellow

Saturday Emergency


Telephone Rota 2018


Tom Munro


Tom Munro


Gareth Jones


David Parnham


David Parnham


Stephanie Roberts

League Press Officer

This title has been allocated to Malcolm Daniels to cover his work updating the league web site with results, tables and information provided from other sources.

NPL Representative

Richard Martin (or nominated substitute)


Malcolm Daniels reported that due to health reasons he would no longer be able to represent the league at Nottinghamshire Cricket Board meetings.


League website (  J Tarr to investigate updating the web site and improving /linking communication via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc).




These will be proposed, reviewed, and announced as the season progresses; and will include the possibility of a pre-AGM meeting if there are significant numbers of proposals and potential rule changes to deliberate.


9.         MALLEN TROPHY


Five teams have so far indicated that they wish to compete in the 2018 competition; therefore, further discussions on the format of the competition will take place at the next meeting.




            The fixture secretary has now recovered a suitable spreadsheet for generating the fixtures.


A draft set of fixtures will be issued now that the population of the divisions has been decided; this will be issued in spreadsheet format via ‘Dropbox’ as before. It was noted that not all club requests for change have been accommodated and a change of fixture request form (for clubs to make mutually agreed fixture rearrangements) will be sent simultaneously to all clubs.


Once fully agreed the fixtures will be copied to J Tarr to update the league web site; J Leaning for umpire allocation and M Carlisle for inclusion in the league handbook.


The first day of the new season will be Saturday 21 April; the final day Saturday 15 September.




11.1    G Bardill reported that 14 umpire assessments will be carried out for the BUDA during the forthcoming season. The same umpire assessment report form will be used as the previous two seasons.


11.2 League Handbook.


  • T Munro will agree the printing deadlines and number of handbooks to be produced with R and R printers. A quotation of £1206.00 + VAT has been received for 550 handbooks to be printed.
  • An electronic version will be made available on the league website.
  • T Munro will organise advertisers.
  • League secretary to ensure that all league rule changes are communicated to the Handbook Editor.
  • T Munro will arrange for handbook distribution, this will be done centrally at Cuckney CC on a date to be agreed early in April 2018.




12.1    Five leagues meeting. A meeting was held on 21 November 2017. The most important matter arising was Child Welfare and DBS issues. An update on progress will be given at the next meeting.


12.2    A matchday team card has been produced for use in BDCL league and cup matches, which is based on the team card currently used in the Derbyshire League.


            T Munro added that this meant there would only be one card in existence for each match and the home team captain would take responsibility for the card. It is intended that the card is then photographed or scanned and uploaded into the Match Report section on the Play Cricket web site.


            J Tarr raised the issue of potential sanctions for clubs where the process is not carried out in accordance with any deadline proposed by the league; it was therefore decided to discuss this matter in more depth at the February LMC meeting.


12.3    Update on new Laws of Cricket & Associated Training Requirements.


            G Bardill reported that a Five leagues disciplinary meeting had been held at MHMCC on 7 December 2017.


            The purpose of this meeting was to:

  • Discuss the new laws of cricket and their implementation into Nottinghamshire Leagues
  • To agree on a new, common umpire incident report form for use across all leagues.
  • To standardise wherever possible a tariff of sanctions commensurate with the offences listed in the new laws of cricket.

It was agreed at the meeting that there would be no common disciplinary panel to cover all the leagues in the county, and that individual leagues would maintain their own disciplinary processes and procedures when required to cover the more serious offences.

G Bardill added that in respect of training with respect to the new regulations, appropriate courses have been arranged as follows:


  • Cuckney CC, Thursday 22 February 2018 commencing at 7.30 pm
  • Worksop CC, Thursday 1 March 2018 commencing at 7.30 pm
  • Retford CC, Thursday 8 March 2018 commencing at 7.30 pm



  • Cuckney, Thursday 5 April 2018 commencing at 7.30 pm


            G Bardill also has copies of the new law book for sale if anyone requires a copy.


12.4    J Leaning raised the issue of the leagues amendment to the new laws in respect of taking a slow bowler off after deliveries above waist height; the league rule is after three deliveries (unchanged), for the new laws it is two deliveries. The question arising is what would happen if a batsman was injured from a third delivery permitted by the league rules, and how would the league stand from a legal viewpoint.


            It was agreed to contact the ECB legal department to seek further guidance on this matter.


12.5    Handover to New League President.


            J Leaning asked if this ceremony should revert to being carried out at the League Dinner. Following discussions, it was decided that this should still be undertaken at the League AGM.


12.6    The dates for the league dinner and AGM were confirmed as Saturday 17 November 2018 and Sunday 25 November 2018 respectively.


12.7    Fixture Compilation. A meeting between the BDCL, South Nottinghamshire League and the Nottinghamshire Premier League will take place at the end of the season to discuss a more co-ordinated approach to the production of the fixtures for the 2019 season and beyond.


12.8    R Martin reported that the NPL had again offered up to £550 assistance for specified projects to the feeder leagues (the same figure as 2017). This will be discussed further at the next meeting; possible ideas at this stage include printing costs for the new team cards, provision of Child Welfare courses and assisting the BUDA with costs for the hire of venues to conduct the training courses now required.


12.9    Umpire availability for the 2018 season. J Leaning reported that umpire availability had now reached a critical point, and fewer umpires are now available than ever before. Seven umpires have been lost from last season.


            This situation will result in more matches having only one or no umpires during the forthcoming season.


12.10 A rule change proposed by Clumber Park at the 2017 AGM that clubs have one vote for each TEAM they have in the league was defeated. However, Steph Roberts requested that this proposition remains live and be discussed in further details at forthcoming LMC meetings.



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