Committee Meeting January 2017


Date:                10th Jan 17

Time:                7pm

Location:          Central Avenue, Worksop


People Present: Stephanie Roberts (President), Gareth Jones (Chairman), Gary France, Tom Munro, Ian Batty, Mike Beard, Malcolm Daniels, Malcolm Hall, Trevor Haywood, Brian Hicklin, Mick Cuthbert, John Leaning, John Lyne, Richard Martin, David Parnham, Richard Swann, Jack Tarr, Graham Venables, and Alan Vollans.

Apologies: Michael Carlisle, Gary Bardill, Andrew Rossington and Glenn Pym.

The Minutes of the previous meeting had previously been circulated and were accepted as a true and accurate record. The outgoing President from season 2016 Michael Beard, was presented with his President’s tie. The incoming President Elect for season 2018, Michael Cuthbert of Thoresby Park CC was welcomed to the LMC




The meeting discussed the various sponsorship arrangements throughout the league, confirming a vacancy for 2017 for the Championship Division.

DECISION: Tom Munro confirmed that work was on-going to try and find a sponsor for the top Division of the League and a future meeting was planned. The league website would be updated to reflect these changes as soon as practicable.


The meeting reviewed the new arrangements for the annual Presentation Night of the league and also the format of the AGM, to establish where improvements and additional cost effectiveness could be found.

DECISION: All people involved in the organisation of the events were thanked for their contributions. Additionally the following dates for the same events in 2017 were agreed:


  • Dinner/ Presentation Night                    Saturday 18th Nov 17 – South Forest, Edwinstowe
  • AGM                                                   Sunday 26th Nov 17 – start 2pm – Cuckney CC



The League Secretary and Chairman had attended a meeting at Trent Bridge on the 15th Nov 16, involving all five Nottinghamshire Leagues. The meeting discussed further similar meetings to discuss best practice, disciplinary issues, registration of players and other links with the Senior Cricket and Recreational Council meetings

DECISION: For information at this time.



The League Treasurer circulated a financial summary of transactions from the 11th Nov 16 to the 10th Jan 17. Whilst the Annual Dinner costs and the 2017 League Insurance was yet to be paid, the league financial balance currently showed: £11,095.20




  • Vice Chairman - Malcolm Daniels
  • Disciplinary Lead - (Chairman) Graham Venables – (Vice Chairman) Malcolm Hall
  • Referral Team   - Gareth Jones, Gary France, Malcolm Daniels, John Leaning, Tom Munro Jack Tarr and Graham Venables
  • League Trophies & Awards - Trevor Haywood
  • Results Co-ordinators - Jack Tarr, Sam Stringfellow and Malcolm Daniels
  • Scorecard Checkers
  • Championship & Div 1 - David Parnham

Div 2 & 3 - Brian Hicklin

Div 4 & 5 - Richard Martin

Div 6 & 7 - Andrew Rossington


The meeting also discussed the league website administration and linked league e mail address processes.


For information and the league e mail address system to remain in place with regular amendments to

reflect changes to personnel concerning club and league roles.




It was agreed at the last league AGM that representatives of the LMC would visit clubs during 2017 to ask for views about the current structure of the league and its playing regulations and also about the viability to create a separate Academy Division to try and develop young or additional senior players for clubs and therefore the league. This is against a back ground of:


  • 45 unfulfilled fixtures last season
  • 17 games played in July with less than 11 players on a team
  • 34 clubs leaving the league over the past 20 years
  • Over the same time lapse - 132 teams down to only 96
  • Persistent themes or concerns about the perception of so called ‘big clubs’ becoming larger and so called ‘little ’clubs’ becoming smaller


DECISION: The 2017 League President, Stephanie Roberts would be ‘the lead’ on this project and would communicate the arrangements for meetings with all clubs in due course. The outcome of these meetings would be collated in a final report to the LMC as a recommendation for any appropriate change and a process would be created through the 2017 League AGM in November 2017.


5. MALLEN T20 – 2017


The League Secretary outlined that playing this competition on Tuesday evenings found little or no support. An offer was made to clubs in the Championship and Div 1 to consider a new format over two Sundays (end of June / beginning of July).

The uptake and enthusiasm for this change had proved positive with currently 14 clubs agreeing to participate.

DECISION: New updated rules would have to be create for the competition. The draw for fixtures would be made at the February 17 LMC meeting, creating 5 locations for teams to be based at those locations and play two games over the first Sunday, to establish the top four teams, who would play in a finals day on Sunday 2nd July. The venue for this would be agreed in February also. The LMC were keen to establish a 15th club to participate and balance the competition numerically.

A further decision to establish the date of the Mapperley Sports T20 final with the South Notts League would be made in February, along with a final decision on how the BDCL representative for this annual game would be decided for 2017 and future years.


6. FIXTURES 2017


The Divisions for next year had now been agreed. The Championship plus Divisions 1 to 7 only, due to clubs or teams leaving the league.

DECISION: The fixtures were at a stage of being formulated provisionally and would be confirmed over the coming days for circulation.




The meeting discussed how it would manage:

  • Umpires Assessments in the Championship and Div 1 – Actions / communications
  • Late results – Actions / communications
  • Late Scorecards – Actions / Communications
  • Develop twin League Tables via Play-Cricket (with net run rates) and the independent League Tables

DECISION: These outcomes would be communicated to all clubs in a mid-winter Newsletter, planned for publication towards the end January or start of February 17




The meting was informed that the 2017 League Handbook was under production, although time scales were needed for deadline submissions, along with a distribution plan to clubs, along with Team Cards and Reader Cricket Balls.

DECISION: Gary France, Tom Munro and Michael Carlisle would co-ordinate a plan and update the LMC at the next meeting in February. Additionally, a mid-winter Newsletter would explain to club the processes involved.


9. AOB


John Leaning explained some up to date issues involving the Umpires Association.

A Level 1 and 1a course were planned, with the guest speaker at the February umpires meeting being Peter Moores of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.

DECISION: For information only. Details to be placed on the League website.


There was no other business.

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