Committee Meeting January 2016


Date:                Tuesday 12th January 16

Time:                7pm

Location:          Central Avenue, Worksop


People Present: Brian Rivington (President), Gareth Jones Chairman), Gary France (Secretary), Tom Munro, (Treasurer)

Michael Beard, Michael Carlisle, Gary Bardill, Ian Batty, Malcolm Daniels, Trevor Haywood, Brian Hicklin, Janet King, John Leaning, John Lyne, Richard Martin, David Parnham, Glenn Pym, Stepahanie Roberts, Andrew Rossington, Richard Swann, Jack Tarr, Graham Venables and Allan Vollans

Apologies: Malcolm Hall

The Minutes of the previous meeting had previously been circulated and were accepted as a true and accurate record.




The League Secretary updated the meeting on various publications from the ECB about improving the game and its re-generation, with documents relating to ‘Getting the Game on’ – ‘A league blueprint’, with various changes within the BDCL at its recent AGM with rule changes to reflect the governing bodies suggestions as well as player and club feedback.

DECISION: For information only



The potential of a disciplinary hearing involving a player from Kiveton Park Colliery II team was still outstanding from July 15, and was pending an update after being referred to external agencies for consideration of further action. An update from those agencies was still awaited.

DECISION: The Secretary would contact the relevant people once again before the next meeting to establish the facts and report to the February LMC meeting.



Gary Bardill updated the meeting on winter issues affecting the BDUA and the issues involved umpire assessments, umpires from the USA for season 2016, the on-going current new umpires course at Cuckney where 10 people were in attendance and also included an update on umpire numbers and planning for the forthcoming season.

DECISION: For information at this time.



Following consultation at the league AGM in November 15, the Divisions of the League for season 2016 had been agreed and the fixtures completed in accordance with decisions made at the last AGM.

DECISION: For information only




The current league accounts extend from the 1st Oct 15 and currently income versus expenditure amounted to a positive league balance of £9,274.40, although considerable outlay was always anticipated during January, and February with the league dinner, league insurances, handbook printing and various other financial commitments.

DECISION: For information at this time



Considerable time was spent, debating and considering the content of detailed information presented to the meeting by Tom Munro and Janet King in relation to their sponsorship work during the close season and discussions with the representative of Kookaburra Reader, regarding the future supply of cricket balls to the league and sponsorship agreements. Many options and information were considered, along with the importance of sponsorship of each Division in the league.

Importantly, a personal letter was read to the meeting from Tony Wilkinson, outlining the end of a prolonged period of his company supporting the league through sponsorship for over 30 years, with the letter already having been acknowledged by the league Secretary.


  • The meeting agreed in principal that Kookaburra Reader would be the supplier of cricket balls to the BDCL for the next 3 seasons (16-17 and 18).

Three grades of cricket balls would be available for use in keeping with league rules, with the final costs involving the purchase of each graded ball to be verified, based on the quotation provided. Further incentives were also offered in terms of cricket bats, the potential supply of free junior cricket balls for those clubs with junior teams, the league supplying new balls for its Mallen T20 games, linked to other prizes for the semi-finals and finals of this competition. The purchase and/or receipt of free junior balls were also a matter for confirmation regarding the use of ‘PINK’ cricket balls for certain matches.

In addition there may also be an opportunity to trial a further ‘higher grade of ball’ for all teams in the Championship Division during one round of fixtures one Saturday during the season, yet to be agreed.


  • All these matters would be fed back to Kookaburra Reader for confirmation, with all issues to be confirmed at the February LMC meeting and through a League Newsletter, also informing clubs of how to order cricket balls, how to pay and where to collect them from. The southern point would remain through Mapperley Sports and a new northerly collection point through Anston Cricket Club on a date to be announced would be confirmed soon. Additionally sponsorship names linked to Divisions would also be announced in good time before the printing of the 2016 Handbook for publication to all concerned and also, via agreed electronic communications.


  • In the weeks ahead, further plans would be formulated to ensure that a sensible level of league sponsorship funds were downloaded equitably for the benefit of all clubs in relation to reducing costs to clubs through handbooks, cricket balls, coaching and other related themes, which would be communicated through a league newsletter once confirmed.





Richard Martin reported upon the AGM of the PL last November and the appointment of a new chairman secretary and some rule changes.

DECISION: For information at this time



A recent meeting of the League Cricket Conference also spoke about various matters affecting the recreational game; including the consequences of not wearing a helmet and the potential consequences for umpires from a legal perspective should an injury occur.

DECISION: Further clarification on this topic would be published in the months ahead.



A further document was published by the LCC concerning changes to medical support offered to overseas players in the seasons ahead through changes in government policy, with all clubs needing to understand the new criteria and overseas players having the correct medical cover to support their visit whilst playing cricket in this country.

DECISION: For information at this time.




These were published by the league statistician.

DECISION: These winners would be published on the league website, in the league handbook and by the league secretary in a mid-winter newsletter due for publication towards the end of January 16. Additionally the meeting considered the statistics for the winners of the young player wards for the Randall Trophy (Batting) and Larwood Trophy (Bowling) and the decisions were made that for season 2015, the following winners would be:

  • Randall Trophy – Luke Hall (Anston CC)
  • Larwood Trophy – Callum Rutherford (Clumber Park CC)
  • Elvidge Trophy for the most wicket keeping victims would be – Stewart Groves (Retford CC)


5. MALLEN T20 – 2016


The League Secretary reported that only 9 clubs had decided to participate in 2016.

DECISION: The fixtures had been created and circulated via Play-Cricket, creating 5 teams in the north Sector and 4 teams in the south sector.

  1. The Mallen T20 BDCL final in 2016 would be held at Retford CC on Sunday 3rd July 16 – 2pm start
  2. The Mapperley Sports T20 final with the SNL would be held on  Tuesday 12th July 16 – 6.15pm start at Thoresby Colliery CC




League Fixtures for 2016 and been formulated and finalised via publication on Play-Cricket.

DECISION: Following a range of requests from clubs about players, teams and ground unavailability during 2016, the task of addressing everyone’s needs and requests had become an impossible task.  Hence the Interim Referral Team on behalf of the full LMC had agreed the following criteria when formulating fixtures for 2016 and in the future:

The BDCL is a Saturday League.

 The use of mandatory BH fixtures will be kept to an absolute minimum.  Although a club or team may have no issues playing on a BH, their opposition (assigned somewhat by pot luck due to the fixture matrix) may not wish to play BH fixtures.  In such cases, the original fixture will be left as is and it will be up to the clubs to negotiate any change of date.

The process the BDCL will use is as follows in order of priority:

1)      Clubs with issues that affect the whole season due to either:

a.       Sharing their ground with Clubs outside of the BDCL where the other League had already published their fixtures

b.      The availability of their ground as dictated by the ground owner

2)      Clubs with issues that affect specific dates due to either:

a.       The availability of their ground as dictated by the ground owner

b.      The availability of their ground due to the hosting of 3rd party events

3)      General requests

                       Within each group, each will be looked at on a first come first served basis.



During season 2015, an increasing number of examples were reported across the league of various teams or clubs failing to provide teas for players, scorers and umpires.

Following recent proposals and debates at league AGM’s, BDCL clubs voted for teas to remain as an integral part of  Bassetlaw cricket.

DECISION: The LMC were of the view that what clubs decide at an AGM, should be adhered to by everyone. It is not for some home team captains or their club to decide whether or not teas will be provided.

The LMC ask that ALL CLUBS AND ALL TEAMS abide by this league AGM decision and provide the appropriate amount of food and refreshment in keeping with what the BDCL has been about for so many years.


SANCTION: The LMC decided that any team failing to provide food and drinks (called ‘teas’) during a BDCL fixture (other than Mallen T20 matches), will be fined the sum of £33 and that sum of money will be transferred by the league treasurer to the opposing team.




The league secretary had been asked to produce a policy documents regarding how the LMC would implement and manage the processes of the league rules regarding:


  • Umpires Assessments
  • Late Results
  • Late or non-submission of scorecards
  • Play-Cricket & League Divisional tables


DECISION: The policy had previously been circulated to all LMC members prior to the meeting and the content in full was agreed. The policy content would be communicated to all clubs as a separate matter, in a pre-season Newsletter and will be published on the League website.




This annual event had been planned months ago to be held at the South Forest, Edwinstowe, on Saturday 19th March starting at 7pm.

Plans arranged through Richard Martin and Janet King were on-going, but the cost of each ticket would not rise (£25) with each club being allocated a mandatory two tickets.

DECISION: The LMC would discuss future similar events, their timing and content at their February meeting. In the meantime, details will be communicated about the arrangements for the 19th March 16, via the mid-winter League Newsletter. Additionally, the following advisory notice will be sent to all clubs with the above mentioned two tickets:


  • Please find enclosed two tickets for the Annual Dinner to be held on Saturday, 19th March 2016.  The price of a ticket is £25 and requests for additional tickets should be made to Richard Martin. After the Dinner each club will be invoiced for the number of tickets issued. The venue is the South Forest Leisure Centre at Edwinstowe and a choice of menu will be available. Reserved seats will be allocated to clubs taking 4 or more tickets, but there will be plenty of unreserved places. Please do all you can to ensure that your club is represented, that individual Trophy winners attend to receive their awards, and that League Handbooks, etc are collected.

In a break with tradition a professional comedian, Tony Wallace, has been engaged to provide the main entertainment of the evening. Tony spends much of his time working on cruise ships and his comedy is described as up to date, clean and clever, with hilarious anecdotes ideal for all.

We shall also welcome a cricketing personality as our Principal Guest.




Michael Carlisle as Handbook Editor confirmed that the document for updating and printing was in progress and would be submitted to the printing office during February 2106. Confirmation of all statistics for 2015, along with advertisers and club contact changes were required as soon as possible.

DECISION: For information at this time




LMC Internal appointments and DECISIONS:


Vice Chairman LMC:                                                   Malcolm Daniels

Chairman Disciplinary Team:                                         Graham Venables

V/Chairman Disciplinary Team:                         Malcolm Hall

League Representative Team Co-Ordinator:                  Gareth Jones

Interim Referral Decision Team:                                    Gary France, Malcolm Daniels, Gareth Jones, John Leaning, Tom Munro, Jack Tarr, Graham Venables

NCB Ltd – Recreational Council Representative:          Malcolm Daniels and Richard Martin



The AGM of the NCB Ltd will be on Thursday 21st Jan 16 in the Randall Suite at Trent Bridge, starting at 7pm.

DECISION: For information only



The NCB Ltd have amended their young player policy regarding very young players participating in open age cricket. From this Cricket Board stance the league rule will now read:


  • Any Junior Player in Year 7 or below (Under 12 at Midnight on 31 August in the year preceding the current season), under a directive provided by the NCB, cannot play in open age cricket under any circumstances, unless they are listed on the NCB ‘Approved List’.  This also extends to include players not listed on team sheets but who take to the field of play under any guise.
  •         Therefore, anyone born after 31st August 2003 is NOT eligible to play in this League, unless they have been approved by the NCB.
  •         Any such breach will result in the player(s) being deemed as ineligible.  The sanction will be determined by the LMC.


DECISION: This NCB Ltd policy will be reflected in the League Handbook and through the league Child Welfare issues. Further work is being completed to identify similar lists to identify relevant young players through similar information as disclosed by the Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Cricket Boards.


There was no other business and the meeting closed at 9.25pm.

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