Committee Meeting August 2017


Date:                Tuesday 15th August 17

Time:                7pm

Location:          Central Avenue, Worksop


People Present: Stef Roberts (President), Malcolm Daniels (Chair), Gary France (Secretary), Tom Munro (Treasurer), Michael Beard, Malcolm Hall, Trevor Haywood, Brian Hicklin, Michael Cuthbert, John Leaning, John Lyne, Richard Martin, David Parnham, Andrew Rossington, Richard Swann, Graham Venables and Allan Vollans.

Apologies: Gareth Jones, Michael Carlisle, Gary Bardill, Ian Batty, Glenn Pym and Jack Tarr.


The Minutes of the previous meeting had previously been circulated and were accepted as a true and accurate record.




A letter via e mail from MHM, apologised for the selection of ineligible players in the 2017 T20 competition and that letter also explained how that had occurred. The club had already been withdrawn from the competition and fined £100.

DECISION: The LMC accepted the apology and reasons for the error.



The meeting discussed the need to improve the accuracy of scorecards for season 2018, along with researching different systems for transferring the Umpire Team Cards details onto the scorecards. An example from the Derbyshire County League was discussed.

DECISION: An on-going project during the close season.



A letter from MHM explained the club action taken against their own players regarding their words, actions and conduct during a BDCL game on on the 1st July (MHM III). The LMC were unable to take further action, due to the umpires report being outside of the time window for submission and not submitted on a BDCL Disciplinary form. Additionally, no player or his captain had been informed that any action would be taken.

DECISION: The actions of MHM CC were duly noted and accepted. The matter was now closed.




The BDCL game NAA III v East Drayton in Div 4 on the 22nd July 17 awaited a LMC decision on the outcome of the game, as the away team did not attend the fixture. Reports from both clubs and the umpires attending the game (who stated that the ground was fit for play to start at 1.30pm) were presented to the LMC.


  • NAA III would receive 20 points
  • East Drayton would be reduced by 10 points
  • East Drayton would be fined £10
  • All of the above were in accordance with rule 2.5 (vi) - unfulfilled fixtures

Additionally:  East Drayton must pay NAA £33 for the cost of the teas via the league treasurer. Also East Drayton must pay both the umpire expenses for that game, via the league treasurer.



The BDCL game Edwinstowe II v Cuckney III in Div 3 on the 15th July 17 awaited a LMC decision, due to a disagreement between the two teams over the cancelation of the game due to alleged wet conditions. Both clubs submitted reports, which were presented to the LMC, along with photographs of the pitch/ground that day. The LMC considered all known and presented facts.


  • Cuckney III would receive 20 points
  • Edwinstowe II would be reduced by 10 points
  • Edwinstowe II would be fined £10

The above was in accordance with rule 2.5 (vi) - unfulfilled fixtures



Various e mails and correspondence had emerged regarding the registration of an overseas player in Cat 3 of the registration rules. This player had been allowed to play by acceptance of his registration initially for WI Cavaliers and later Notts & Arnold Am. This was an administrative error by the LMC.

DECISION: Any games played by this player would remain in place as naturally concluded, with no error attached to any club.



The league treasurer submitted an up to date financial document explaining recent incomes versus expenditure, with some concern explained regarding expenditure and the need to re-visit sponsorship support during the close-season. Currently the league balance was: £8190.52

DECISION: For information only at this time. It was agreed that the BDCL should consult with the NCB PL regarding support for the costs of training involving:

  • First aid training (trainer and venue),
  • Financial cost of supporting initial umpire training.




A disciplinary meeting was held on the 18th July 17 regarding the words, conduct and behaviour of a player from MHM II during a BDCL game on the 24th June 17.

DECISION: The player received a two week ban from all forms of cricket, 29th July 17 to the 11th August 17 inclusive. MHM II would be reduced by 4 points and the player would also received a further 2 weeks ban from playing, suspended until the end of the 2018 season.


A disciplinary meeting was held on the 25th July 17 regarding the words, actions and conduct of a player from Clipstone CC during a BDCL game on the 1st July 17.

DECISION: The player received a ban from playing for a 2 week period, suspended until the end of the 2018 season.




The full and updated list of all the above issues were read to the LMC for confirmation to date, with the record of these transgressions (fines and/or point deductions being recorded and shown within the publication of the weekly league tables

DECISION: For information at this time



Concern was expressed from the BDUA regarding the levels of behaviour ,whether by words or general behaviour within the league by some players, which was causing some umpires to refuse to attend certain games or worse give up umpiring.

DECISION: The meeting discussed many issues surrounding this problem. Initially a statement from the LMC would be sent to all clubs via social media and the league website, drawing their attention to this issue and asking for their support.



7.1 The meeting discussed the need for this award to be the most prestigious award the league can ask any person to accept and agreed that its criteria must remain tight and only be proposed where an exceptional long term contribution or service to the league has been provided over a prolonged period of time, far and above what might normally be expected of an individual person

DECISION: The meeting agreed to update the list at the next AGM, League Presentation Night and the League Handbook from season 2018.



8.1 The LMC meeting listened to a summary of a recent PL meeting and various updated plans for season 2018.

DECISION: For information only


9. AOB


The President updated the meeting about:

  • The Dollar for Dawson campaign and the request for club/player support across the league
  • Discussions about the creation of a Development Division specifically for young players
  • Plans for reviewing the consultation program with clubs, to seek any relevant changes to league rules which may help to stop the erosion of players, teams and clubs from the BDCL.

DECISION: Further updates would be provided at the September meeting.

There was no other business and the meeting ended at 9.25pm

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