Committee Meeting April 2017


Date:                11th April 17

Time:                7pm

Location:          Central Avenue Worksop


People Present: Stef Roberts (President), Gareth Jones (Chairman), Tom Munro (Treasurer), Gary France (Secretary), Michael Carlisle, Ian Batty, Malcolm Daniels, Malcolm Hall, Michael Cuthbert, John Leaning, Richard Martin, David Parnham, Glenn Pym, Andrew Rossington, Richard Swann, Graham Venables and Allan Vollans.

Apologies: Gary Bardill, Trevor Haywood, Brian Hicklin, John Lyne, Jack Tarr, and Michael Bea

The Minutes of the previous meeting had previously been circulated and were accepted as a true and accurate record.




Tom Munro confirmed that developments were regularly published on the BDCL Facebook page.

Jack Tarr was also completing updates to the League website inclusive of all sponsorship adverts. Also various technical changes to the site would be completed before the start of the new season. All arrangements were in place for the start of the new season concerning results and tables, along with Sam Stringfellow.

DECISION: For information only



Alan Vollans (as League Welfare Officer) was in the process of gathering information regarding club CWO’s, the outstanding training required and DBS clearances held.

DECISION: An update would be provided for the May meeting



The Secretary confirmed the circulation to LMC members of the draft rules for the new T20 format over two Sundays in the middle of the season.

DECISION: The May LMC would agree the final content, which would then be circulated to all participating clubs and the relevant umpires.



The Secretary confirmed that Woodsetts CC had now decided to withdraw their team from Div 2 of the BDCL, just leaving the club with one team in Div 6

DECISION: For information only. All clubs in Div 2 had been informed.




The LMC were in receipt of a request from from Blidworth CC to participate in the Mallen T20 Cup and fill the vacancy in Group E (based at Lea & Roses)

DECISION: This request was agreed. The two clubs already in that group would also be informed and start times updates in keeping with the circulation of the rules for the competition.



A detailed list had been received from the Yorkshire Cricket Board in terms of the names of very young players who were authorised by a county coach to play in senior cricket, despite their under age status based upon date of birth. Receipt of a similar process was awaited from the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Boards also.

DECISION: Only one player from the BDCL on the Yorkshire list was identified. This was a young player registered to play at Anston CC.




Tom Munro provided the up to date details of the financial affairs of the league, with all membership fees of the league and the NCB Ltd now all paid.

Richard Martin also confirmed the arrangements with South Forest at Edwinstowe regarding the 2017 league dinner on Saturday 18th Nov 17, along with continued sponsorship of the league. Additionally arrangements were in place for a Past Presidents Dinner to be held at this location on the 30th June 17 administered by Janet King.

Once the NCB Ltd fees had been transferred across, the financial balance of the BDCL stood at £9395

DECISION: For information only




The meeting reviewed the arrangements for process being in place for the season beginning on the 22nd April. This included, umpire appointments, umpire assessments, results, divisional tables (league & play-cricket), submission and checking of scorecards, player registrations inclusive of overseas players, Saturday morning help-desk plans via the mobile phone, along with the league website updates.

DECISION: All plans were in place and ready.




The Secretary reported upon the content of a meeting held at the White Post at the end of March (Five Leagues Meeting hosted by the Secretary of the NCB Ltd). The meeting included updates from the cricket board, the Premier League, the South Notts League, the Mansfield Sunday League and the BDCL.

  • Matters involving the current arrangements for Child Safeguarding across the County were discussed, inclusive of those at league and club level.
  • All Stars cricket arrangements across the county
  • Nat West Cricket Force arrangements
  • Small Grant Schemes
  • The updating of the Clubmark process
  • Staffing and personnel vacancies

DECISION: For information at this time.


6. AOB


Tom Munro reported that the arrangements for collection of Reader cricket balls from Anston CC had occurred with few problems and the same applied to the collection of League Handbooks and Team Cards from Cuckney CC a few days previously. Any outstanding clubs requiring their cricket balls and handbooks had been informed.

DECISION: For information at this time.


There was no other business and the meeting ended at 8.10pm

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