Committee Meeting April 2016


Date:                Tuesday 12th April 16

Time:                7pm

Location:          Central Avenue, Worksop


People Present:

Gareth Jones (Chair) Gary France (Secretary) Tom Munro (Treasurer)

Ian Batty, Michael Carlisle, Malcolm Daniels, Malcolm Hall. Trevor Haywood, John Leaning, John Lyne, Richard Martin, David Parnham, Glenn Pym, Brian Rivington, Stef Roberts, Andrew Rossington, Graham Venables and Alan Vollans.


Michael Beard (President), Gary Bardill, (BDUA Sec), Brian Hicklin, Richard Swann and Jack Tarr


The Minutes of the previous meeting had previously been circulated and were accepted as a true and accurate record.




The meeting finalised the arrangements for the checking of scorecards on a weekly basis as follows:


Championship / Div 1 / Div 2                Michael Carlisle

Div 3 / 4                                               David Parnham

Div 5 / 6                                               Andrew Rossington

Div 6 / 7                                               Brian Hicklin



The meeting reminded everyone of an extra meeting to discuss the future of the league dinner and presentation night. This additional meeting would be on Wednesday 20th April 16 at Edwinstowe CC, 7.30pm start.

DECISION: For information only.



The meeting was updated about a previous meeting of the BDUA Management Committee responsible for umpires assessments and the 24 clubs constituting the Championship Division and Div 1. Previously, the LMC had stated that attendance at the meeting was compulsory and that any failure to do so would culminate in a £25 fine for not doing so. The following clubs did not attend:

Everton, Firbeck, Harthill, Retford, West Indian Cavaliers and Whitwell.

DECISION: Those six clubs would have a £25 imposed upon them.




The LMC had received confirmation from the Secretary of Glapwell CC that they wished to withdraw the 3rd Xl from Div 7 of the BDCL due to a shortage of players.

DECISION: This was noted. In accordance with league rules, Glapwell CC would be fined the sum of £35



It should be noted that a printing error on page 42 of the new league handbook gave the wrong start times for matches during 2016, although the timing stating from page 95 were correct. An item had been placed on the league website to correct the error and to inform all clubs. However, just as confirmation, the details agreed at the last AGM for all games in 2016, the following is accurate:

DECISION: Matches in 2016 commence at 1.30pm April to August inclusive and 1.00pm in September. (Championship) start 1.00pm April to August inclusive and 12.30pm in September



The League Treasurer produced a written summary of the financial position to date.

  • At the date of this meeting, four clubs had yet to pay their annual subscription fees to the league.
  • A full breakdown of income versus expenses was outlined, with further work to be completed regarding the annual dinner costs, County Board Affiliations and the distribution arrangements for junior cricket balls as part of the league’s sponsorship agreement with Reader cricket balls.

As of the 12th April 16, the league financial balance was £13,880.90 with various invoices due to be paid during the coming weeks.

DECISION: For information at this time. Additionally, the four clubs that had yet to pay their league subscriptions had until the 30th April to comply with league rules, otherwise, additional fines would be imposed in accordance with league rules for non-payment within agreed timescales.



The recent dinner and surrounding issues would be reviewed and options considered on the 20th April 16, at a specific meeting arranged for this purpose.

DECISION: For information only




John Leaning stood in for the BDUA Secretary and reported on recent umpire issues and meetings. The matter was raised about a recent ECO publication about poor weather conditions and the consultation between umpires regarding the suitability and safety to play in such conditions. Whilst the ECO document was clear, it was felt wise to await a formal edict from the BDUA as to what it expected its umpires to do in such circumstances should they not agree on whether to play or not play in view of the weather condition.

DECISION: The league awaited confirmation from the BDUA on their stance about this issue.




Richard Martin reported on recent meetings of the PL and issues surrounding the Senior Cricket Committee which met at Trent Bridge:

  • The ground criteria for entry into PL had been completed and was to be circulated to all  relevant clubs
  • Consideration was being given as to the best time of year to play the Champion of Champions game, whether at the beginning of the following season, or at the end of the current one in September each year
  • A plan and documentation was being formulated by the County Club Development Officer concerning any actions which could be completed to assist clubs to improve and grow in the future. The content would be promulgated to all concerned through the league pyramid system.
  • The views of the BDCL was sought regarding the creation of a meeting at least once each year between all recreational leagues across the county of Nottinghamshire, as opposed to discussions between representatives of those leagues at the Senior Cricket Committee of the NCB Ltd.


  • The LMC of this league agreed that the Champion of Champions game between the winners of the South Notts League and the winners of the BDCL Championship should be held in September as had always been the case in previous years.
  • The meeting of all five leagues face to face at least once per year across the county could only be a good thing, if only for communication and knowledge of colleagues across the leagues.



7.1 The meeting discussed the following topics and outcomes:

  1. Player Registrations – Tom Munro reported a healthy, non-problematic situation to date
  2. Results Service – Jack Tarr and Sam Stringfellow were organised and prepared from 23/4/16
  3. Posting of Scorecards – As agreed at Item 1.1 of this meeting
  4. League Saturday morning  HELP – DESK would be staffed by:


David Parnham until the 14th June 16

Richard Martin –  14th June 16 to 19th July 16

Gareth Jones – 19th July 16 to 16th August

Trevor Haywood – 16th August until the end of the season


8. AOB


The league Secretary reported about the distribution of Team Cards for use by umpires and their distribution to all clubs for use at the start of each game.

DECISION: Should any shortage by found by any team or clubs during the season, they should contact the league secretary.


The league secretary also reported on the updated process of clubs achieving clubmark status, how it would be achieved and the issues it could enable. All clubs would be updated by their respective County Boards.

DECISION: For information only.


There was no other business and the meeting closed at 8.05pm

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