Umpire Training January 2018

Stages One and Two Umpire Education

Stage one will give participants an overview of the basic laws and how to apply them and introduce the principles of field craft and match management. It gives the tools to enable a person to umpire a match at a basic recreational level. Stage two will give participants further knowledge and skills and builds on what was learnt during stage one. It looks beyond the basic laws, builds on field craft and further develops match management techniques as well as the concept of teamwork. Please register and pay online at ECB ACO using the following links…

Stage One – CUKNEY 08/01/2018:

Stage Two – CUCKNEY 05/02/2018

The cost for both stages is £60. If both stages are booked at the same time stage two will be discounted to £10 (discount for stage two will be given once you have paid for stage one). Further umpire accreditation is available and will be explored further during the course which will be held at Cuckney Cricket Club, Langwith Road, Cuckney. Contact Gerry Graney, Gary Bardill or Ian Rich for more details.

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