Clubhouse Security

Some words of wisdom from our insurers:-

Judging by the recent claims advices that we have been receiving, It looks as if thieves have started breaking into cricket clubs well in advance of the clocks going back. Perhaps they have realised that Clubs have more to steal during the season than out of it! Given that we know thieves will happily attack clubs the moment that they close for the Winter, why give them any more opportunity or encouragement?

Taking Simple Precautions Can Make a  Massive Difference

a). Make sure all windows have suitable glass and protection against both damage and thieves (shutters, window locks and / or bars)

b). Make sure that your pipes are all plastic rather than copper so that scrap metal thieves don’t come calling

c). Don’t leave any attractive items on show (lock away your equipment!)  

d). Make sure that your alarm is monitored by someone, preferably a Central Station so that if thieves do attempt to break in they will be caught in the act.

Finally, engage your members. Make them aware of the need to keep the club secure so that they do put things away and keep combustible waste materials out of the reach of vandals.  

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